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A Community of Love Inspires Students for the Future

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on February 13, 2020

If you were surrounded by a community of love, would you be inspired for the future? The students at Bauleni Legacy Academy are fortunate to receive encouragement from caring teachers and school leaders every day! Located in the center of Lusaka, Zambia, the academy is supported by school feeding programs to assist their students with daily nutrition. Through our partnership with Family Legacy Missions, many students receive Rise Against Hunger meals at school every day.

One of those students is Edith — a 12-year-old girl, who lives in Bauleni with her family. Facing various economic issues, Edith’s family couldn’t afford the proper nutrition in their daily diets. Now in the 7th grade and her sixth year at the academy, she now receives three meals each day with the help of our partner Family Legacy Missions.

“I have never felt so healthy before!” Edith said.

Described by her teachers as a “joyful and intelligent young lady,” Edith also aspires to be a teacher one day.

Before receiving nutritious meals, Edith struggled to stay motivated and confident in her studies. Today, Edith and her friends really like the meals and always look forward to lunchtime. The students all enjoy eating their lunch together and talking to each other and their teachers during their free time.

“Knowing that I am guaranteed a meal everyday gives me confidence that I will have the required energy to give my best performance in school,” Edith said.

The Bauleni Legacy Academy makes sure that all students receive enough food each day. Some of the students only ate one meal a day prior to receiving Rise Against Hunger meals.

Edith shares, “Sometimes I carry a lunch box to school so that I can take some food back home to share with my siblings.”

One of Edith’s and the other students’ mentor, Kelvin Kapambwe, is a teacher at the Bauleni Legacy Academy. Since his two years of working at the school, he has seen great improvement in the students, especially Edith.

“I love what I do. Being in a position to see these children’s lives transform is a gift. I am happy to just be a part of it,” Mr. Kapambwe said.

Mr. Kapambwe shares how the teachers were worried about Edith. Before receiving the meals, she was very shy and timid. Now, she’s one of the most confident students in school.

“If one had to meet Edith now, it would be hard to believe that she was once a shy and timid girl. Much good has come out of a balanced diet that many of these children didn’t previously have access to,” he said.

Loveness Simwanza, the campus coordinator for the academy, expresses how grateful she is to experience firsthand what the nutritious meals have done for the school and the community.

“Our schools have become centers for community development, not just because we are educating children but because each child’s family benefits from our Rise Against Hunger food,” she said.

After several years of working with the academy, Loveness strives to make a difference in the community. Coordinating with volunteers and how meals can be distributed to the school and community is her favorite part of her job.

“Seeing the joy on the children’s faces makes our efforts worth it,” she said.

Because of the selfless hearts of teachers and leaders like Mr. Kapambwe and Loveness, Edith, other students, and the entire community are hopeful for the future. Their willingness to make a difference has encouraged the students to learn, as well as inspired them to help children the same way someone helped them one day.

To share this journey of hope with other children like the students at the Bauleni Legacy Academy, donate now or take action today.