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Angelica Dreams of Becoming a Teacher

Maddie L Author
By Maddie Laing on July 24, 2019

Angelica, described by her teachers as a smart, committed and creative 13-year-old girl, lives in a small isolated town in southern Honduras. In her community, the summer season is hot and dry and the winters are very rainy. The town depends on jobs in the agricultural field, but Angelica has big dreams of giving back to her community — by becoming a teacher!

Angelica has attended the Jose Trinidad Reyes School since kindergarten and is part of a school-feeding program, sponsored by Rise Against Hunger’s partner Central American Relief Efforts (CARE). The school only has three classrooms, yet is attended by over 120 students.

“With these meals, we have seen a weight gain in students due to improved nutrition,” said Isaias, a teacher and the principal at the Jose Trinidad Reyes School. “I have also noticed an improvement in academic performance, student attendance and increased responsibility from parents.”

Before the implementation of Rise Against Hunger meals, students relied on a piece of bread and coffee for breakfast and went the entire school day without another meal. Isaias shares that now the school is able to provide Rise Against Hunger meals and has even created over 21 different recipes with the meals to offer variety to the students.

“The Rise Against Hunger meals have brought more nutrition to my community,” said Angelica. “This is important, so we can avoid diseases and not get sick — more nutrients mean a healthier body.”

Isaias hopes that the benefits of the meals transcend beyond the school and into the community. Many of the women in the town stay at home, however, Isaias has noticed that due to the meals, more girls are enrolling in school and 40 students have now graduated to become working professionals.

“My greatest satisfaction is witnessing the kids’ faces while eating and hearing how this school feeding program has changed their lives,” said Edwin, a project coordinator for CARE. “I get to witness more united communities and families working towards a common goal in benefiting the kids, who are important for this country’s future.”

Thanks in part to Rise Against Hunger meals packaged by volunteers around the globe, students like Angelica are able to focus on achieving their dreams by getting an education instead of worrying about when they will receive their next meal.

Are you interested in packaging meals with Rise Against Hunger to impact children like Angelica? Visit our Host an Event page to find out more!