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“I Want to Help My Family and My Country and Serve People with Kindness": Arlen’s Story

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on November 6, 2019

Growing up in Tipitapa, a small city in Nicaragua, 12-year-old Arlen understands the challenges around breaking the cycle of poverty and economic insecurity in her country. However, she envisions life as a successful banking and finance professional and has every intention to make her dreams come true.

Described as a “sweet, intelligent, punctual and collaborative student,” Arlen strives to stand out amongst her peers while also encouraging other students to be the best they can be.

Milena, Arlen’s 6th grade teacher, has watched her grow and continues to encourage her to reach her goals.

“She adds, “I hope Arlen can follow her dreams of becoming a banking and finance professional. I’ve noticed that since eating the Rise Against Hunger meals, she is more energized. Her concentration and memory have improved a lot, and she finds it easier to understand the lessons,” Milena said.

Arlen began receiving Rise Against Hunger meals through her school’s feeding program, distributed by partner Convoy of Hope. Before the meals were provided at school, Arlen didn’t did not have access to breakfast and concentrating in class was difficult.

“Now, I get to eat three times a day and feel much more energized to concentrate in class and play in physical education,” Arlen said.

Arlen isn’t the only beneficiary of the meals at her school. Milena shares, “The children in the school attend classes more frequently; their grades have improved because they are much more attentive. Before, they couldn’t concentrate because they didn’t eat breakfast or their parents preferred not to send their children to school at all because they didn’t have the money to pay for breakfast.”

Even at a young age, Arlen recognizes the importance of education and how it helps to break the cycle of poverty and hunger. Focused on a promising future, Arlen says, “I want to continue my studies and someday finish a university career. I would like to study banking and finance, so that I can become a good professional and help my family and my country and serve people with kindness.”

Providing Rise Against Hunger meals in schools can help young students to focus in class and receive the proper education they deserve. To help more children like Arlen follow their dreams, take action and donate to a school feeding program today! With your contribution, we can continue to break the cycle of poverty, one meal at a time.