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Join Us in Sending Critical Aid to Hospitals & Schools in Haiti, Niger

Janae C Author
By Janae Curtain on June 17, 2020

In April, we shipped emergency meals and medical aid to partners in Sierra Leone and Liberia through our partnership with MAP International and the help of Hunger Champions around the world. With the ongoing global crisis continuing to affect vulnerable populations, Rise Against Hunger is prepared to send another shipment of life-saving aid to hospitals and schools in Haiti and Niger. Our organization welcomes you to join us in reaching those we serve through our emergency response efforts. Learn how you can help people in need below!


Patients at Haiti’s New Hope Hospital, our longtime partner, are waiting to receive nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals and primary care medicine including antibiotics, first aid supplies and prenatal vitamins, as well as medical gloves and syringes. The shipment will also include an X-ray machine, a mammography unit and other medical equipment.


Children and patients in partner schools and hospitals in Niger, along the border with Chad and Nigeria, are awaiting our shipment of nutritious meals, primary care medicine including antibiotics, first aid supplies and prenatal vitamins, and backpacks and school supplies. In addition to the local population, this shipment will support refugees fleeing violence associated with Boko Haram.

COVID-19 poses increasingly severe threats to vulnerable communities like those we serve in Haiti and Niger. The UN shares that in Haiti, COVID-19 “could become a humanitarian catastrophe” with 4 million Haitians in need of urgent food assistance. In Niger, the UN projects that 2.7 million people will face acute food insecurity in the coming months due to the global pandemic. These nutritious meals, medical aid and supplies will truly be life-changing for those who receive them.

To reach the lives of many, we’re hoping we can count on your support again. The cost of these shipments to Haiti and Niger is $48,000 — and you can help ensure they reach those in urgent need as quickly as possible by donating today. Sponsoring a shipment of critical COVID-19 relief supplies will give you the opportunity to can provide aid to patients who have been served by Haiti’s New Hope Hospital like the ones below:

Community Members Served by New Hope Hospital

Esther* received medical treatment
Daniel* receives medicine and nutritious meals
Rachelle* received medical support for her children, ages 3 and six weeks.
Anderson*, age 2, was treated for malnutrition.
Robert*, age 3, suffered from malnutrition and has made great progress after receiving Rise Against Hunger meals.

*Names have been changed.

Join us in being part of the solution to the hunger crisis by donating today.